August 18th, 2007

It’s all about awareness! We at Exabytes Network are always concerned about Cyber Security. This site reveals the idea behind our serious mindset.

For the benefits of everyone, particularly our clients, we have launched this Security Portal so that all our valued clients are able to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest vulnerabilities that have been discovered in the applications they use. This is very important since web applications are widely used for different purposes particularly with the emergence of E-Commerce and blogging recently. In order to improve the security level of clients’ sites, we have given our best efforts in securing our servers. However, this effort won’t pay off if it’s one-sided only. Hence, we sincerely hope that our clients will give us their best support to maintain the integrity of the sites.

We have decided to publish in our security portal about all the vulnerabilities that have been discovered everyday by third parties and also guides on how to update and patch vulnerable applications. In addition to our objective of giving convenience to our clients, we have also provided mailing lists which will be issued to our clients monthly. We welcome suggestions and comments from our clients to improve this Security Portal. Please do not hesitate to drop us an email at [email protected]

Thank you!

Here are Exabytes Network Security Team Members

About K.M.Chow
K.M.Chow functions as a System Engineer. He has been using Microsoft based computer for a long time since DOS 6.22. In an ever revolving IT Industry, he is expanding his computer literacy in both Linux based and computer security. Like his peers, he can be contacted via helpdesk.

About T.L.Guan
T.L. Guan is currently working in Exabytes as Information Security Engineer, and involving in network monitoring, incident handling and response as well as network forensic, and vulnerability assessment. He had been involving in system administration and providing solutions to hosting service subscribers. You can always contact him by creating helpdesk ticket if you find any issues about this security portal.

About David
As a System Engineer in Exabytes, David offers assistance and solution to clients’ hosting problems through helpdesk system, as well as performs hosting servers administration. He is currently doing research in Linux based operating system to expand his skill. You may reach him by sending support ticket to Exabytes helpdesk as well.

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